Quran passages or Bible verses? People react negatively — and then learn the truth.


Quran passages or Bible verses? People react negatively — and then learn the truth.
You’ve probably noticed that anti-Muslim sentiments have become more common and more blatant recently.Followung recent attacks carried out all over the world in the name of ‘islam’.
A lot of people are there thinking to be replace by fear. Some people are reacting violently.
Others are working hard to find justification for their beliefs — even if they’re not acting out.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that in support of anti-Muslim comments, many people keep offering up quotes from the Quran.
I think most rational people know better. But for those who don’t, some folks carried out a little experiment to make a point.
Then they found some passages that aren’t exactly compatible with the way most Westerners live these days.

Passages like:

“A woman should live in quietness and full submission.”

“If you reject my commands and abhor my laws, you will eat the flesh of your own sons. And your own daughters.”

“I don’t allow for a woman to teach. You will have to cut off her hand. Do not forgive her.”

“If two men sleep with each other, they will both have to be killed.”

When the interviewers asked passersby what they thought of those passages, they were honest.
Believing they were being read passages from the Quran, people reacted with surprise, disgust, and negativity.
The interviewers also asked how the Quran compared to the Bible.
There Response :
“The Quran is more aggresive.”
“The bible has more positive things in it.”
“The bible is a lot less harsh and a bit more peaceful.”
and it goes on .

That’s when the interviewers let the folks in on what we knew all along: These aren’t teachings of the Quran.

They’re Bible verses.
Watch there reaction upon finding out … 2 videos below

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