The Deadly Reality of Islamophobia in America

The Deadly Reality of Islamophobia in America

The Story of Deah, Yusor and Razan as told by Deah’s Sister Suzane Barakat

A year ago Muslims around the world were in shock after three young University of North Carolina students were murdered in a hate crime in their North Carolina apartment by a neighbor. The local police department rushed to a conclusion the day of the murders that this was no hate crime but as they stated was over a “parking dispute.” However as Suzanne Barakat makes so clear as she tells the story of how her brother, his wife and her sister were murdered on The Moth,

“To perform something so vile and so wicked requires acute dehumanization at the minimum. Hatred that is deep and well rooted, and as the days passed by and interviews went on, I realized looking around me despite having been born and raised in this country, that the climate that we are in one that allows public figures no matter where they are in the political spectrum from Ben Carson to Bill Maher to sweepingly bash Muslims undoubtedly played a role in fueling this hatred.”

For the rest of Suzanne Barakat’s story listen to The Moth by clicking on the link below.

For more on this story read this phenomenal piece told from the perspective of the families written by Colin Daileda.

To see all the work the families have been doing over the last year around the world to keep their legacy alive watch this video:

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