The Prophet's Arrival in Madinah: Welcome Song

The day in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) arrived in Madinah was the city’s happiest day ever!

When the news of his arrival spread quickly throughout the town, People of Madinah rushed to welcome the messenger of Allah.

Men, women and children were very excited to see the Prophet peace be upon him riding his camel among them; their joy was greater than anything because this was the day they’ve long dreamt of.

They followed him (peace be upon him) as he entered the city chanting songs of joy. The Prophet (PBUH) humbly allowed his camel to be guided by Allah Almighty to the place where he would stay.

In the following videos, we display the welcome song chanted by people of Madinah celebrating the Prophet’s arrival.

The song in a movie scene



The song with translation

The song by Sami Yusuf

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